Speedquizzing Events

We hold a fantastic Speedquiz EVERY Monday, including Bank Holiday Mondays, from 8.30pm.

Playing on your mobile phones and iPads, this fantastic quiz is great fun and suitable for all ages and capabilities! We can lespeedquiz 2nd you a device to play on, or you can download the app via our free fibre optic
broadband connection and
play on your own phones or tablets! You have 10 seconds to answer the question, so no cheating or checking on your phones, and its a speed quiz, so you only have to enter the first letter of the answer!                                             ThereSpeedquiz 1‘s multiple choice A,B,C questions and a calculator screen when entering years or numbers! All the devices are linked to our computer and your scores are added up and marked on the computer as we go, so no swapping papers and marking at the end!  Its just £2 per person to play, and there is always some free food after the first round around 9pm. We have a cash prize every week, or the option to take a larger amount in vouchers for The Blue Bell, so you can eat or drink for free if you win! One of the best fun parts is that you get to choose a music soundbite so if your team answers the quickest your music plays!

Everyone is welcome, why not come along and have a go! We don’t serve food in the bar on Mondays except on Bank Holidays from 4pm-8pm!